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Air Jamaica Virtual Airlines is a virtual airline community of pilots who fly online on the VATSIM Network. In order to join our virtual airline you must have a copy of Flight Simulator (FS). This can be Microsoft's Flight Simulator FS2002, FS2004, FSX or Lockheed Martin's Prepar3d. Air Jamaica Virtual Airlines is one of many of the leading virtual airlines in this region of the world and we invite you to join our virtual airline. Our staff are always willing to assist you in making your virtual airline and flight simulation experience as enjoyable as possible.

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Airline Statistics

VA Central Rating: 127

Total Pilots: 53

Total Hours: 3527.29

Total Flights: 1157

Schedules: 301

Aircraft In Fleet: 96

Pending Pilots: 0

Pilot Recruitment: Open

Staff Vacancies: Closed

Our Newest Pilots

Jamaica AJM2696 - Arnoldo Daley
El Salvador AJM2695 - Gus Barber
United States AJM2694 - Matthew Miller
United States AJM2693 - Gregory James
Jamaica AJM2692 - Njeri Carroo
Crew Online

Greased Landings

AJM1806 - Paul Archer - AT7 - MKJS - -6 - 02/19/2016
AJM0365 - Kadeem Forrester - A320 - MKJP - -15 - 04/17/2016
FJM1801 - Jereme Renford - B752 - KJFK - -18 - 09/02/2015
AJM1842 - Christopher Magnus - DHC - MKJS - -19 - 12/29/2015
AJM1802 - Jermaine Johnson - A320 - KFLL - -22 - 04/03/2016


Meet the AJVAC Team
Clayton Clarke
Air Jamaica Virtual’s CEO and founder.
Craig Reid
Air Jamaica Virtual’s Vice President.
Jereme Renford
Air Jamaica Virtual’s Chief Operating Officer.
Christopher Magnus
Air Jamaica Virtual’s Human Resource Manager.
Jordan Chin
Air Jamaica Virtual’s Repaint Manager.
Richard Cuneo
Air Jamaica Virtual’s Assistant Director of Operations/Administration.

Status Update - Nov 20, 2015

Posted by Jordan Chin on 11/20/2015

Good Evening Captains,

Here's a quick status update with things happening on the site. We're about 90% done, and I've managed to fix a few issues some users have been having. Please contact me or any of the AJVAC staff if you notice any other issues so I can have them fixed. 

Some of you may have noticed there are several new features added to the site. These include, but are not limited to:

1. Screenshot Gallery

2. Searchable schedules

3. Simbrief integration

There are several other features that will be added over the coming days, and I'll be back with another status update then.

Safe flights!

Welcome To Air Jamaica Virtual

Posted by Jordan Chin on 11/13/2015

Welcome to Air Jamaica Virtual Airlines and Cargo!

We are currently undergoing changes and some features may not be functioning as they should. Don't worry though, we're on short final. In the meantime, please register or sign in to view your pilot data and start your virtual career.